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2022 Public Health Award Winners

Congratulations to our 2022 student award winners!

Dr. Charles Hamilton Award – for excellence in Health Policy and Management

This award recognizes an MPH student in the Health Policy and Management concentration.  The awardee is recognized for consistently high levels of engagement through research and service throughout their tenure as a graduate student.

This year, the Dr. Charles Hamilton award is presented to Kenneth Mapp.

Dr. June Gorski Award – for excellence in Community Health Education

This award recognizes an MPH student in the Community Health Education concentration.  The award winner has demonstrated excellence in any or all aspects of health education including, community assessment, program development, and evaluation.

This year’s Dr. June Gorski award is presented to Peyton Prothero.

Gary and Becki Blauser Award – for excellence in Epidemiology

The Gary and Becki Blauser Award is given to a public health graduate student who has declared a minor in Epidemiology, is receiving an MPH with an epidemiology concentration, or completed their doctoral cognate in epidemiology and has demonstrated great competency and application of epidemiological techniques as demonstrated through employment, volunteer efforts, coursework, or other relevant paths.

This year’s winner is William Andershock.

Dr. John New Award – for excellence in Veterinary Public Health

The John New Award is presented to a Veterinary Public Health student who has the highest GPA in MPH courses.

This year’s Dr. John New Award is presented to Charles Robert Stilz.

Dr. Betsy Haughton Award – for excellence in Public Health Nutrition

The Dr. Betsy Haughton Graduate Student Award in the Department of Public Health recognizes an exceptional student in the dual MS-MPH student who has a strong interest in improving the health of mothers, infants, children, and their families. The Haughton award also recognizes a student who excels in professionalism, academic achievement, communication skills, and leadership.  Priority is given to students who are interested in workforce development and/or policy, systems, and environmental changes to improve population health.

This year’s winner is Hailey Lewis.

Kathy Darnell Ebener Public Health Intern Award

The Kathy Darnell Ebener Public Health Intern Award is presented to an MPH intern who demonstrates leadership in working with communities and contributes to projects, programs, or policies that promote health equity and improve health among underserved, vulnerable, or high-risk populations in a culturally appropriate, evidence-based way. Preceptor feedback on the intern’s performance is considered.

This year’s Kathy Darnell Ebener Public Health Intern Award was presented to Jeremy Kourvelas.