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Professor Laurie Meschke featured in “Psychology Today”

On December 1, 2022, Psychology Today featured blog post by the UTK department of Public Health’s Professor Laurie Meschke titled: “How to Talk to Teens About Sex: Speaking with your teen about sex can be a daunting task for parents”.

In the article, Professor Meschke addresses some of the reasons that parents find this topic so challenging for parents to address, including such issues as puberty occurring in children earlier  as well as parents’ own feelings about intimacy.

Professor Meschke offers such advice as:

  • Start when children are young
  • Keep the conversation going instead of treating it as a “one and done” talk
  • Be frank about the risks
  • Give equal attention to both sons and daughters
  • Be present and keep the lines of communication open

Be sure to visit Psychology Today and read this very interesting article.