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Brittany Shelton selected as UCSF visiting professor

Assistant Professor Brittany Shelton was recently selected to join the University of California San Francisco’s Visiting Professor Program in their Center for AIDS Prevention Studies. This three-year program provides intensive mentoring and training to early-career scientists who are focused on HIV prevention and treatment among minority populations.

Assistant Professor Brittany Shelton

Dr. Shelton will spend six weeks this summer in San Francisco preparing an NIH grant proposal and developing the protocol for her pilot study to be conducted next year. As approximately 46% of people with HIV are over the age of 50, greater research on aging and access to care for aging-related conditions among people with HIV is of critical importance.

Dr. Shelton’s current research interests include access to transplantation and support for organ donation among people with HIV and people at high risk of HIV using multi-level ecological frameworks to identify facilitators and barriers to care. Her Applied Research Experience will be guided by the Socio-Ecological Model for Transplantation and the Integrated Model of Relatives’ Organ Donation. Through the harmonization of multiple quantitative data registries, this work will elucidate barriers to transplantation for people with HIV and will identify centers providing equitable access to care.


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