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MPH Core Competencies

Two female students walking with bike and dogThe twelve key competencies* that all MPH students are expected to achieve as a result of foundation and professional skill building (field practice) components of the curriculum are listed by skill domain below:

  • Analytic Assessment Skills

    • Define a health problem in a population
    • Make relevant inferences about patterns of health and potential causes from quantitative and qualitative data
  • Policy Development/Program Planning Skills

    • Collect, summarize, and interpret information relevant to an issue
    • Utilize current techniques in decision analysis and health planning
  • Communication Skills

    • Lead and participate in groups to address specific issues
  • Cultural Competency Skills

    • Appraise the role of cultural, economic, social and behavioral factors in determining the delivery of public health services
  • Community Dimensions of Practice Skills

    • Collaborate with community partners to promote the health of the population
    • Identify community assets and available resources
  • Basic Public Health Sciences Skills

    • Identify and apply basic research methods used in public health
  • Financial Planning and Management Skills

    • Manage programs within budget constraints
  • Leadership and Systems Thinking Skills

    • Evaluate internal and external issues that may impact delivery of essential public health services
    • Facilitate collaboration with internal and external groups to ensure participation of key stakeholders

To download a copy of Core Public Health Competencies, click here (.pdf).

*These indicator competencies are based on the Public Health Faculty/Agency Forum Final Report, and the work of the Council on Linkages between Academia and Public Health Practice, which defined competencies in terms of the widely-accepted Ten Essential Public Health Services.

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