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MPH Core Courses

Descriptions of required courses for all MPH concentrations.

Foundation Courses:

PUBH 510 Environmental Health Science (3)
An exploration of the complexities of personal and ambient environment recognizing health as individual’s response to diverse and dynamic world. The course also introduces principles of occupational safety and health. Both of these elements (environment and occupation) are directed to a survey of contemporary issues and their implications for healthful living today and in future.

PUBH 520 Public Health Policy and Administration (3)
Administrative considerations of community-based health care programs and public health practice. Health policy formulation, political environment and governmental involvement in health, legal responsibilities, and managerial concepts/techniques/process.

PUBH 530 Biostatistics (3)
Application of descriptive and inferential statistical methods to health-related problems and programs. Microcomputer applications, the use and interpretation of vital statistics and introductory research methodology preparatory for a first course in epidemiology. Prereq: Introductory statistics or consent of instructor.

PUBH 537 Fundamentals of Program Evaluation (3) Familiarizes students in different types of program evaluation, including needs assessment, formative research, process evaluation, monitoring of outcomes, impact assessment, and cost analysis. The course covers experimental, quasi-experimental, and non-experimental study designs, including the strengths and limitations of each. Prereq: 530 or Statistics 531; and 540.

PUBH 540 Principles of Epidemiology (3)
Epidemiology is the study of the distribution and determinants of health-related outcomes in specified populations, with application to control of health problems. Issues addressed include historical origins of the discipline, hypothesis formulation, research design, data and error sources, measures of frequency and association, etiologic reasoning, disease screening, and injury control. Prereq or Coreq: PH 530.

PUBH 555 Health and Society (3)
This course provides student with an understanding of social and behavioral factors which influence health status and care in America. The application of this knowledge to behavior in health-related organizations is emphasized. Topics include social and psychological aspects of disease, sociological aspects of health care delivery systems, the political economy of health and illness, impact of social movements on health, and social consequences of health legislation.


PUBH 509 Graduate Seminar in Public Health (1)
In-depth discussion of timely topics reflecting scope of public health as a discipline and its interrelation with many other academic and professional disciplines. Speakers both internal and external to The University of Tennessee are featured. May be repeated. Maximum 4 hours. (Same as Kinesiology 509, Nursing 509, Nutrition 509, and Social Work 509.) S/NC only.
(Note: MPH curriculum requires completion of two semesters of PH 509)