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Mentor looks over work of mentee

Alumni Outstanding Preceptors

Since 2004, the MPH Program has recognized Outstanding Preceptors during the National Public Health Week. Outstanding Preceptor recognition is awarded to individuals who have precepted at least 3 MPH students and demonstrated exceptional commitment to engaging students in a challenging and beneficial experience, personal role modeling of professionalism, guidance of growth and development by the student intern, overall quality of the internship provided, and student evaluative input.

To date, more than one-third of the Outstanding Preceptors are alumni, a testament to alumni making a difference!


Alumni Recognized as Outstanding Preceptors
(Listed in order of award year)

 Year Preceptorship
 Name Graduation year
2004 Carole Martin, MPH 1982
2006 Charity Smith, MPH, PhD, CHES 1999
2007 Deborah Bell, MPH, RN, BSN 2004
2008 Carrie Thomas, MPH 2004
2009 Stephanie Welch, MS-MPH, RD 1997
2012 Kathleen Brown, MPH, PhD 1993
2012 Shannon Reynolds, MPH 2004
2012 Anne Washburn, MPH, CHES 1992
2014 Cynthia Nunnally, MPH, CHES 1990
2017 Karen Pershing, MPH  2006
2017 Stephanie Strutner, MPH, CPS II  2006